Narrating a book is one difficult task, but once done, it guarantees a great return. Audiobooks are one of the most demanded forms of books in today’s era—people like to listen to what they are reading—the intimate conversations, the empowering dialogues, and the spicy scenes.

Universal Writing Hub is a platform that not only helps authors publish their books but also gives them an opportunity to convert them into audiobooks with a team of professional narrators available.


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Types of Audiobooks

Solo Narration:

In this format of audiobook recording, one solo narrator records the whole book. UWH assigns a narrator expert in the specific genre of the book, that narrator reads and records the whole book.

Duet Narration:

In this format, two or more narrators work together to narrate the book. Each narrator picks up a character and a viewpoint, and then they read the book whenever that specific character or viewpoint is in the focus.

Dual Narration:

In dual narration, two or more narrators pick up different styles or different scenarios present in the book, and then they read and record it once the scenario is focused.

Fully–Voiced Narration:

This is the most in-demand, and the most proper audiobook format. In fully-voiced narration, a lot of narrators work together, and they all pick one specific character—then they read out the book as their character is focused. In this format of audiobook recording, narrators read the book with the same emotions, intimacy, and seriousness as the book requires.


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At UWH, we aim to attain customer satisfaction at all costs. Apart from providing top-class services, we also customize the project plan as per the needs and requirements. The project plan that we share can be revised and customized limitlessly.

Another thing that makes the Universal Writing Hub unique is the top-notch work quality provided by our team of experts. We make sure to keep our work as authentic, original, and creative as possible.

Being an author is a difficult task, but with UWH by your side, it can all be done, smoothly. Our team of expert ghostwriters can help all the struggling authors to complete their books. From managing the content to producing it, and then finally publishing it—UWH can be by your side!/p>

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