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Owning a non-profit organization comes with its own ups and downs—writing professional grant proposals in order to attain support and funding from private organizations, Government authorities, and individuals, is indeed one difficult task. But, with Universal Writing Hub by their side, NGOs can now ensure extremely professional and well-presented Grant Proposals.

The team of expert writers at UWH is all set to provide grant writing services to the businesses and individuals that require it. All one has to do is provide relevant information.

Types of Grant Proposals

  • Letter of Inquiry
  • Full Proposal
  • Letter Proposal

Types of Grant Writing


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Letter of Inquiry:

The initial process or let’s say the first step towards writing a grant proposal is to send a letter of inquiry. This letter is a direct way to reach out to a foundation and inquire whether or not they would be interested in investing or funding the firm. LOI plays the role of an initial contract—through it both the parties agree or disagree to work together.

Letter Proposal

Unlike a Letter of Inquiry, a Letter Proposal is a more straightforward and brief form of grant writing. This is basically a three to four-page proposal, which covers the initial plan, the amount required, and why you chose the business for funding. Letter Proposal is a midway process, which is time-saving and beneficial for both parties.

Full Proposal

As the name suggests, this is the most professional and suggested way of grant writing. A full grant proposal could be up to 20 pages. It includes a piece of detailed information about the plan, the amount required, the idea of usage of funds, and the initial strategy of how it will work. A full proposal is a professionally demanded form of grant writing.

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Universal Writing Hub is a Platform For All

At UWH, we aim to attain customer satisfaction at all costs. Apart from providing top-class services, we also customize the project plan as per the needs and requirements. The project plan that we share can be revised and customized limitlessly.

Another thing that makes the Universal Writing Hub unique is the top-notch work quality provided by our team of experts. We make sure to keep our work as authentic, original, and creative as possible.

Being an author is a difficult task, but with UWH by your side, it can all be done, smoothly. Our team of expert ghostwriters can help all the struggling authors to complete their books. From managing the content to producing it, and then finally publishing it—UWH can be by your side!/p>

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