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In today’s era, marketing is as important as production, because without marketing, huge sales would not be possible. Even for authors, it is important to establish their name, have a face value, and let people know what they have to offer—then only their books can reach the relevant audience.

Advancements in technology and a lot of social media platforms have made life easier yet challenging. Universal Writing Hub has a team of professional marketers, who are all set to provide marketing services to the authors who need it.

Platforms List

  • Instagram (Bookstagram)
  • TikTok (BookTok)
  • Author’s Website
  • Facebook
  • X (Twitter)

Essentials of Authors Marketing

Online Presence:

One of the immediate steps that every author must take is to ensure an online presence. It is significant for authors to have accounts on every platform, such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, X (Twitter), and everywhere else. This process increases the credibility of the author in the eyes of the reader.

Reader’s Club:

Another important step that an author can take is to build a reader’s club. They can either have a digital club or a physical one. This way more readers will be attracted to being a part of the book discussion, which will automatically increase the face value of the author.

Reviews Attainment:

The third that an author can do is to take proper reviews. Positive criticism helps a lot in terms of growth and relevancy. If an author wants to be successful, they must focus on the reviews given by readers, for it will help them improve. Also, if an author gives value to the opinion of a reader, their demand and goodwill automatically increase.

Author’s Website:

Another significant step in an author’s career is to have a website. Currently, websites are digital portfolios that vouch for the authenticity and originality of an author. A website can help readers to analyze the credibility of an author.


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Universal Writing Hub is a Platform For All

At UWH, we aim to attain customer satisfaction at all costs. Apart from providing top-class services, we also customize the project plan as per the needs and requirements. The project plan that we share can be revised and customized limitlessly.

Another thing that makes the Universal Writing Hub unique is the top-notch work quality provided by our team of experts. We make sure to keep our work as authentic, original, and creative as possible.

Being an author is a difficult task, but with UWH by your side, it can all be done, smoothly. Our team of expert ghostwriters can help all the struggling authors to complete their books. From managing the content to producing it, and then finally publishing it—UWH can be by your side!/p>

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