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Nobody can deny the power a good recommendation letter holds. Since the beginning, people have used recommendation letters as a base to attain a good educational path or to get a better career opportunity. Usually, people struggle to write professionally acceptable recommendation letters, which makes them end up in vain.

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Types of Recommendation Letters

  • Employment Recommendation Letter
  • Academic Recommendation Letter
  • Character Recommendation Letter

Types of Recommendation Letters

Employment Recommendation Letter

This type of letter is requested by a former employee to their ex-employer whenever they apply for a new job. In an employment recommendation letter, the skillset of an employee is mentioned. The company discusses the strengths, the learning speed, the professional behavior, and basically, recommends their former employee to a firm. Employment recommendation letters play a very essential role when it comes to career growth, as they explain the credibility of a person.

Academic Recommendation Letter:

As the name might suggest, an academic recommendation letter is issued by a school or a college on behalf of their ex-students. In this letter, a detailed description of a student’s academic record, behavior, characteristics, manners, discipline, and skillset is discussed. This recommendation letter is issued by one or more faculty members, staff, board of directors, or the principal of the school.

Character Recommendation Letter:

Unlike the previous two, a character recommendation letter is basically written on a personal level. This could be written by anyone, a friend, family, relative, or partner. In a character recommendation letter, the personality, traits, characteristics, and skill set of a person outside their educational and professional background are discussed. A character recommendation letter is not as common as employment and academic, as it is not very preferred in the educational or professional world.

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