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Press releases are a great source to spread relevant information about businesses via proper channels. They have always played a crucial role in building a brand. A creative and unique piece of detailed information helps grab the attention of the journalists who then help by running it via their mediums and channels. Universal Writing Hub is a platform, which helps professionals in writing a proper press release with the help of experts available at all times.

Few Types of Press Releases

  • Product Launch
  • Event Press Release
  • New Hire Press Release
  • Rebranding Press Release
  • Book Press Release
  • General Press Release/li>



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Product Launch:

: As the name might suggest, a product launch press release is basically an announcement made by the company whenever it launches a new product. Product launches are self-explanatory and they usually are just released to effectively promote the launch.

Event Press Release:

An event press release is made public when the organization, firm, or individual is all set to host an event. In this press release, a brief introduction of the event is given—what is it about, how will it be conducted, and what’s the plan of the event. This is released to grab the attention of relevant audiences to attend a certain event.

New Hire Press Release:

This form of press release is an announcement whenever there is a job opening or a new designation introduced within the company. This is basically a call for all job seekers to drop their resume and join the hiring process.

Rebranding Press Release:

Usually businesses avoid rebranding, especially when they build a certain brand image in the minds of consumers. However, once a business is all set to rebrand its name or logo, a pre-informed notice is released for the public—as to how they can identify the new logo or name. This is a comprehensive step for any business, and hence they make sure to keep the customers informed by releasing relevant information from time to time.

Book Press Release:

Done by most authors, a book press release is an announcement of a new book launch. It is basically to attract all the readers. In this document, a piece of certain information about the book is given, for example, the POV, the characters, or the synopsis, which then brings in more readers.

General Press Release

In this press release, a piece of general news about the business and its whereabouts is released. A new campaign, a new idea, any special official event, or other such things are defined in a general press release.

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