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The art of letter writing is taken for granted until and unless one has to custom write a letter themselves. Indeed, since the beginning, letter writing has been one of the most chaotic tasks, be it for students or professional people. Both informal and formal letters have their own characteristics and traits, which make them a little harder than usual. But with UWH, this can be made easier.

At Universal Writing Hub, the team of professional writers would be obliged to help you write a letter. All one has to do is communicate their needs and specifications, and according to the demand, our team will be all set to custom write a letter.

Types of Custom Letters

  • Sales Letter
  • Apology Letter
  • On-Boarding Letter
  • Thankyou Letter
  • Statement of Intent

Types of Custom Letters

Sales Letter:

A mail or a letter issued directly to convince a reader to buy a certain product or service is what a sales letter is all about. This could either be a B2B deed or a B2C deed. This letter describes a certain product or service—its traits, qualities, and uniqueness.

Apology Letter:

In the business world, an apology letter is a serious admission of a mistake or a misunderstanding that is caused by a certain employee or a certain team. This letter is issued to the management, and in this, the employees show regret and apologize for their behavior towards the workplace decorum.

On-Boarding Letter:

As the name might suggest, an onboarding letter is issued to a new employee, trainee, or even intern. This letter is basically a warm welcome with good wishes towards the employee and their experience within the company. HR usually issues this letter on behalf of the management, and they welcome the employee on board.

Thankyou Letter:

A thank-you letter is issued when a person or team is truly grateful for someone’s efforts and hard work. This is usually an appreciation letter, which thanks the employees for their constant hard work. Similarly, another form of a thank you letter is issued by employees to the management, in which they show a warm thank you for all the happenings in the office.

Statement of Intent:

Unlike previously explained forms of letter, a statement of intent is basically written when an employee aims to take over a certain project. In this letter, proper reasoning, alongside research problem and solution is provided, as to why the employee must be given that project, and how ill they prove to be a beneficial decision.


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At UWH, we aim to attain customer satisfaction at all costs. Apart from providing top-class services, we also customize the project plan as per the needs and requirements. The project plan that we share can be revised and customized limitlessly.

Another thing that makes the Universal Writing Hub unique is the top-notch work quality provided by our team of experts. We make sure to keep our work as authentic, original, and creative as possible.

Being an author is a difficult task, but with UWH by your side, it can all be done, smoothly. Our team of expert ghostwriters can help all the struggling authors to complete their books. From managing the content to producing it, and then finally publishing it—UWH can be by your side!/p>

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