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Establishing a good communication strategy helps businesses manage a great relationship with its potential clients, consumers, and new customers. Emails are one of the best sources of communication between businesses and its target audience. A professional email can always help a business build a relationship of trust, especially when it is fully customized.

Managing email writing alongside every other business strategy is a difficult task, but with Universal Writing Hub, it could be made easier. Our team of professionals can help you write a fully customized email for your clients, which can then be sent via cloud email sender.

Types of Emails

  • Newsletter
  • Survey Email
  • Promotional Email
  • Abandoned Cart Email
  • Discount Email
  • Transaction Email

Types of Emails


A newsletter is a small announcement made by a business in order to keep in touch with its customers. It could be anything related to products, services, new launches, and others.

Survey Email:

Another professional email that businesses usually send out to their customers is a survey email. In this type of email, they usually provide a form in order to attain a deep insight into customer experience, product quality, services, and others.

Promotional Email:

In this email a business markets and promotes itself in a full-fledged manner. It could be about a new product launch, current services, or any such other thing.

Abandoned Cart Email:

Another email solely for customers is an abandoned cart email. This email is sent to all those customers who add products to their carts via the website, but usually do not proceed further. This email is a little reminder notification to proceed with the order.

Discount Email:

This email is a customized discount code for customers. This can be an email to retain a loyal customer, make new customers, to reactive inactive customers.

Transaction Email:

This email is a confirmation email whenever an order is placed and it is processed further. This is sent to customers once they place the order and make the online payment.


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At UWH, we aim to attain customer satisfaction at all costs. Apart from providing top-class services, we also customize the project plan as per the needs and requirements. The project plan that we share can be revised and customized limitlessly.

Another thing that makes the Universal Writing Hub unique is the top-notch work quality provided by our team of experts. We make sure to keep our work as authentic, original, and creative as possible.

Being an author is a difficult task, but with UWH by your side, it can all be done, smoothly. Our team of expert ghostwriters can help all the struggling authors to complete their books. From managing the content to producing it, and then finally publishing it—UWH can be by your side!/p>

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